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boyfriends over for a party. I got the distinct impression the guys did not stay over either night because Chubby and my room was in the exact shape we left it in right down to my dirty underwear on the bed. It made me feel good they hadn't slept over night but, of course, it doesn't mean some hanky-panky hadn't gone on. If it had, I don't want to know about it anyway... yuck! xnxx videos I pealed potatoes for home fries with green peppers and onions, then went out on the deck for a cigarette. I was thinking about Willie and how great our sex was together this weekend. Me fucking him and him fucking me... Willie's sensual make-outs, his smell and taste. The wide range of personality he shows, from sweet to stern, but I always feel his love. It makes me short of breath thinking about him. God, when he wraps me up his his arms and legs after sex I can't describe how sexy that is to me. 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I'm lucky beyond belief to have two boys that I love so much that we can get wrapped up together for sleep. Most people want "their xnxx porno space" but where Willie or Chubby is concerned, their space is my space and vice versa. It's always fun to think about Chubby. In school last year I'd think about him xnxx hd for hours. After xvideo Carl helped me see my sexual nature, that is. With Carl, at first it was hard going, xnxx arab but xnxx telugu once xnxx .com xnxx jepang I saw xnxx asia the light I was off and running. I've been as lucky as you can get to have had so many sexual escapades so quickly, but I chalk that up to gays attracting gays and cuter guys gravitating to cuter guys. Believe xnxx me it's hard to xnxx jav state that because it means I think I'm cute, but it's xnxx porn the only thing I can xnx think of as the reason I've met so many gay kids in the last four months, especially when I'd met none in the previous seventeen years. Ya know, what's up with that. There has to xnx be some logical explanation, but xxx until I get a xnxx stories better one I'm sticking with indian xnxx the one about like boys being wwwxnxx attracted to others of their species. Oh brother! Wonder what Chubby would think of my theory? Heh heh! Not much, I'll xnxx japanese bet. God, I can almost hear xnxx india him ranting and raving about that idea. Where is he anyway? I was tamil xnxx walking back inside when I heard Chubby mumbling something coming up the steps behind Tris. Shit, there's that real nervous feeling in my stomach again. What is that all about... My Mom was asking, "What mom xnxx happened?" and Tris saying, "Nothing really, he pulled a muscle in his hinie, his bum, bending over to wash basement windows Saturday afternoon. I guess it is kind of sore so Chubby isn't in a good xnxx video mood, are you, Honey?" They were coming through the door to the family room while I stayed in the kitchen watching them. Tris came in carrying Chubby's little satchel and I hear Chubby behind her grumbling, "I'd be sex xnxx in a better mood if you'd stop grilling me about a simple muscle site xnxx pull" and naturally Tris says, incredulously, "Grilling you!? I asked a simple question, one question, that's it." Chubby was inside the xvideo door now... he was walking the same way I walked coming home from Carl's the first time he'd fucked me twice in one afternoon. I didn't have a pulled muscle either. My heart was beating fast, I was scared, Chubby was taking a beating somehow xnxn by somebody and it scared me because I never bokep xnxx thought anyone could do that to Chubby. He looked around, I knew he was looking for me so I stepped out and he took one look and said, "Jesus, I'm away for two days and you join the Marines. Dylan? What's that?" Chubby had a fresh tight buzzcut himself so I knew Ricky was bossing him around again. xnxx. I ignored Chubby's buzzcut because this extreme xnxx video flattop of mine took precedence. I said, "It www xnxx was an innocent mistake in judgement that will grow back in about two years and look normal again." He stared and said, "I've never seen anything like that, but it's just right on you. You look marvelous!" He should have laughed, but instead he grimaced taking a step https // toward our bedroom, walking like he had a pole up his ass. I felt sick to my stomach now, forget the nervous feeling. Never-the-less, I followed him right into the bedroom... the Moms stood there with puzzled expressions, xnxx com/ watching us go. From past experiences in dealing with Chubby's bad moods I knew xnxx teen the best way to get him out of it was to be available, but don't xvideos interact with him too much and, for God sake, don't ask him questions. He was flopped down on the bed as I walked past to our bathroom. Not really needing to, but I peed a xnxx com/ little bit anyway. Then I picked up some xnxx sex dirty clothes off the only chair in our bedroom, dropped them on the floor, and slouched into the chair with my feet propped up on the bed. The silence was deafening, as they xxx video say. I was determined to wait him out and after ten minutes he asked, "Why'd ya get that haircut?" I told him the story, embellishing parts xvideos to try making it funnier, and mostly trying to be xxn very xxnx self-deprecating. Including the unnecessary details, and with the embellishments and all, the tale took maybe three minutes to tell. I finished with, "So Chubby, that's how I wound-up with this severe haircut. It could fucking happen to anybody." By the time I finished, he wasn't exactly laughing, but he was over on his side up on one elbow smirking at me. He says, "You are one dumb-ass dude. As soon as you walked into that army base barbershop and caught a gander at the guys getting haircuts you should have did an immediate U-turn and jumped in your friend's car and your friend should have been driving that fucking thing xnxx vina garut with his foot so heavy on the gas the car was up on it's back wheels laying rubber all the way down the fucking sunny leone xnxx block... nothing but smoke from the burning xnxx stories rubber. You are one big fuck-up when I'm not around to save your ass." I go, "I know that." and that got the first smile I'd seen from Chubby since a few hours before he left last Friday. I xnxx sex videos didn't push it, just went back to being silent as I marveled at how Chubby's description of what we should have done vina garut xnxx at the barbershop mimicked the way we left the gay club's parking lot last night. Three minutes of silence later he said, "I know god damn well about this routine of your's... zoo xnxx you don't say anything until I do. I know you can hold off for xxx videos freaking hours without saying something, but I can't! So, you win. What are we having for dinner?" I said, "Meat-fucking-loaf" and he xnxx porno did chuckle at that and called me a "dick". I said, "Let's get a smoke" and he bow-legged out to the deck. The Moms watched us as we walked by with mom xnxx both of them looking questioning at me, so I did the "thumbs-up" sign without Chubby seeing it and both Moms looked relieved and did xnxx korea a little grin. On the deck I xnxx asia lit up, took a drag, and passed the cigarette to Chubby. He say, "Didn't get much of a chance to smoke the last couple of days." We talked about tonight, Chubby wanted to skip the boardwalk, "Too much walking with this damn pulled muscle, and twelve hours on a bus is exhausting. xnnn Ya wouldn't think it would be, but it site xnxx is". I said I understood and then brought up the idea I had about renting motorbikes and exploring the xnxxx rest of Wildwood, the part away the beach and the sex videos boardwalk. He thought it was a cool idea but his ass was going to need to feel a lot better before he'd try that. I didn't wwwxnxx mention that he's said "ass" instead of pulled muscle, but in my mind I knew it didn't take too long to get over the kind of "pulled muscle" Chubby apparently had. By the video porno next desi xnxx day I was fine and I think Carl even did me again that next afternoon. We fucked so much that first month after he "outed" me xnxx sex videos it's difficult to remember every one. His cock was a pretty good match for xnxx my ass and I still think of how good that felt... which is why we over did it that time and I wound-up walking like Chubby is walking now. I xnxx indo wonder if that's the reason he's walking like that... because "it" xnxx indo felt so good he and Rickie over did it. Or was it something more nefarious than that? We had dinner, Chubby and I didn't do too much talking. The Moms were chatter boxes though and xnxx jav Chubby and me learned more about their weekend then we probably wanted to know. We also learned the Moms had xnxx movies another booze cruise tomorrow, this time with their new zoo xnxx boyfriends, and with those same guys they were going to the Atlantic City race track on Tuesday and deep sea fishing on Wednesday. They told us the boyfriends were twin brothers eight years younger than our Moms and so cute and so much fun. Before the Moms were done describing the twins I wanted to meet them... just indo xnxx xnxxx joking. Twenty-eight years old? I don't https // think so. But the thing xnxx cina is the Moms are having the xnxn vacation of xnxx hd their lives and it made Chubby and me so happy. It's www xnxx great to not be fretting that they're not enjoying themselves. It all xnnx meant Chubby and me were on our own for dinner the next three nights which is no big deal to us... we're almost always on our own for dinner. After dinner Chubby was going to bed, the Moms weren't going to bed but they were staying in tonight. They had a DVD they were anxious to watch. As xnxx barat for me... let xnxxcom me out of here! I decided to walk xnxx indonesia the boards a little bit on my own. Sometimes it's so cool to only worry about yourself. No concern if your buddy wants to go here or there, xnxx sex video no need for compromises of any kind, just do what you want. Of course, it's only fun because it's so rare for me. If I was on my own a lot, that would suck! But xnnn on porno a rare occasion, it's cool. I walked a totally different route to xxnn the xnxx/ boardwalk. Down a few blocks and up a few blocks and to tell you the truth, it all looked pretty much the same. Double decker duplexes tight together for block after block, all filled with families on vacation. Nothing new to see this close to the boardwalk, but on motorbikes we could head miles away from the ocean and see what Wildwood looks like then. I xxx videos know from driving in to Wildwood last Sunday that there's a lot of farm xnxxcom land and what gave me the motorbike idea in sex the indian xnxx first place is Mike and Richie. They say they work on a tomato farm, it'd be cool just to find it and wave to them. They'd be like, "what the...?" ha ha, oh hell, I guess I'd just like to hang out with them some more. I headed for the boardwalk now, my exploration had turned up nothing.... except, wait a minute. Outside that convenience store, sex xnxx speaking of Mike and Richie, that looks like their bike. Of course, there must be many similar bikes, but bokep xnxx still, I'll take a look. I had to go another block away from the boards down to the convenience store. Halfway down the block I see the blond, buzzcut head of Mike Sullivan walking xxn out of the store opening a pack of gum. By the time I got there he was almost to his bike which was parked along side the building, it was only visible from my viewpoint. I looked around, there wasn't another person xnxx barat in sight... this was really too far away and heading in the wrong direction for boardwalk-bound traffic. For a gag I pretended xnxx hd not to see Mike and purposely bumped his arm making him drop his stick of gum just as he was about to put it in his mouth. He grunted out, "Fuck!" and then, oh my god, it was so fast I hardly knew what happened... with a two-hand grip on the waistband of my cargo shorts he almost picked me up off the ground giving me a wedgy that resulted in my boxer shorts going a half inch up my hole, I let out a yelp and then, "I'm kidding around with you, Mike, it's me, Dylan Newman, I met you and Richie on the boardwalk about a week ago. I was just messing with ya, dude." Mike tugged xxx on my waistband harder and said, "I don't remember meeting any military personnel last week. Only someone in the military would wear his hair like that. I mean, I have a xnxx download buzzcut, but what the fuck do ya call xnxx bokep that haircut of yours?" xnxx .com I said, "Flattop, but it was a fucking mistake, not on purpose" Mike goes, "Hmmm. I don't recall meeting anyone retarded last week either. xnxx com/ I mean, bumping into someone on the sidewalk, and getting the wrong haircut by xnxx stories mistake. Are you, retarded?" I tried to chuckle and go along with his joke by saying, "Heh heh, well, my best friend thinks I am some time, but no, I'm not retarded." Mike xnxx desi pulled me against him making it seem xnnx like I might fall over backwards if he let desi xnxx go so I held onto him around his chest which, by the way, was as solid as a telephone pole. 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And, xnxx selingkuh you're quite the hottie, so, yeah, that's my boner... xnxx desi no flashlight." I was thinking, Willie did japanese xnxx a version of this last night and now Mike... www.xnxx Am I lucky, or unlucky? Hmmmm? Mike said, "Did ya ever cum in your pants, Gay Dylan Newman?" and he fingered xnxx hot xxxx my hole going further up with each thrust of that nice index finger of his. I said, "Oh yeah. That has happened to me quite recently, but I'm going to try not to do it right now." Mike actually chuckled out loud xnxx 2019 this time, then pulled his finger out of my hole, his hand out of my shorts, and let go of my waistband too. He had a composed expression on his face, maybe porn videos a slight grin, as he said, "You're a pretty good sport, gay Dylan Newman. You remind me of Richie a little video xnxx bit, xnxx anime he's gay too." I said, "Thanks for the compliment. Richie's cool." Mike www xnxx com took three steps over to the side of the convenience store, turned on a outside faucet, and scrubbed the finger he'd had up my ass with a handkerchief he took from his back pocket. When he'd scrubbed that finger three separate times he dumped the handkerchief into a nearby trash barrel and said, gay xnxx "I really japanese xnxx should have thought that through a little bit better and used your finger for up your ass rather than my own. Ya know?" I xxn was straightening out xnxx. com my cargo shorts' crumbled leg as I said, "Yeah, next time" and then I added, "You're not gay? Is that what you said?" Mike goes, "No, I didn't say that. I'm sorta gay for Richie, I think he drugged me or has me hypnotized or under xnxx indonesia some kind of black magic www xnxx spell or something because I sure wasn't gay before I meant him." Mike is very attractive. Wonderfully tanned with that light colored blond hair, very much like mine. Blue intelligent looking eyes with almost too perfect facial xxx videos features. Very macho, but youthful looking too. Is it possible to have xnxx 2019 a baby face and look macho at xnxx videos the same time? I don't know, but he somehow pulls it off. A charisma about him that screams leadership qualities, yet a shyness too. Contradictions galore, but a uniquely attractive boy. Well, Richie said they'd xnxx vina garut both be twenty xnxx videos this summer so I don't know at what age one shouldn't xxnn be mom xnxx called a "boy" any longer. Maybe it video porno depends on how old the person is thats calling him a boy, who knows what's politically correct anymore. I told Mike that my video xnxx best bud, Chubby, and me were going to rent scooters and check out the area, maybe we would come out to see Richie and him on the tomato farm. Mike xnxx tv cocked his head to the xnxx telugu side a little and squinted xnxx sex his eyes at me, he's so handsome, free porn then he said, "You xvideo don't believe we porn videos work on a tomato farm, do porno xnxx ya?" I said, "Sure I do." We smiled at one another, neither of us sure what the other really meant. Finally, Mike nods xnxx sex video his head toward his motorbike and says, "ya want to ride around a bit?" xxx xnxx It was eight thirty at night and not quite dark yet, sort of dusk. Mike had on cut off jeans and a white tee shirt made of that new fabric that's xxnx sex videos so fine and flimsy it's almost like wearing nothing. Chubby and me have a couple of Calvin xxnxx Kline Tee's just like it. Mike's was about two sizes too big. Everything about him is casually cool, no effort, just uniquely his https // own cool self. I xnxx movies said, "Sure, where shall we xnxx gay go." Mike got xnxx korea on xnxx. com his motorbike and, ignoring my question, said, "sit right behind me and don't be afraid videos xnxx to hold onto me, it beats falling off the back of the bike. I'd come back for you if you fall off, but you might suffer a brush burn or two in the fall." I've never ridden on a motorbike before. I got on... it's just one longish curved tamil xnxx seat for the two xnxx com of us so I slid xnxx jepang against him right away, you can't avoid it. So sexy, right up against this hot, hot kid. Mike has that sexy xnxx gay smell xnxx teen too, it's almost like cologne, but it's his own scent. He isn't even aware he japan xnxx has it, but I bet ya Richie knows it well. I held him at xxx xnxx his waist with both hands, Mike told me to wrap my arms around his waist and I no sooner did that then he took off with the front wheel coming off the ground, laying rubber with the back one. I heard a man yell out the front door of the convenience store, "God damnit Sullivan, I told you......" the roar of xxxx the motorbike drowned out the rest of his videos xnxx statement. Mike didn't even look xnxx sex over at sex video the guy as we roared by. sex Hugging Mike through that flimsy tee shirt was like hugging him bare-chested, it was awesome. That flat, hard stomach, his kinda wide shoulders for such a slight body, the muscles in his biceps, everything... jeez, it was enough to take my breath away. I hugged kind of tight and porn xnxx lay the side of my face against the back of his shoulder. This was better than the thrill rides on the boardwalk. Mike flew down back roads that were paved, xxx video but not recently, as they seemed almost like dirt roads in places. We were in farm country on those back roads, without street lights, traveling too fast, but it was exhilarating. 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Any day, drive out zoo xnxx and we'll be over at that table right there" he was pointing to a round table made out of what xnxx com looked like a huge, empty, spool of tread. Then the front wheel of the bike came off the ground again and we fly back the same way xnxx app we came, maybe just a little bit faster than we www xnxx com came out. I loved the intimacy of the ride... lucky Richie. We roared up to what looked like a tavern. Getting off the bike my legs were a xnxx/ bit wobbly because I'd had then in the same position near Mike's feet for about forty minutes. It xnxx japan was a honky-tonk bar with country music xnxx indian playing that twangy sound on the jukebox. Mike led us to a booth and a twenty-something year old girl came right xnxx arab over to us and, while chewing gum vigorously, xxx xnxx cracking it too, she said, "Mike baby, where's Richie? And, don't even try to get this cutie served, it ain't gonna xnxx telugu happen." Mike said, "Well god damn, if that don't beat all. Richie and his father went to Philadelphia, his grandmother's sick. So, to help you out I try bringing new customers to your establishment and this is the thanks I get! To hell with it then, we'll have two birch beers and I need my dinner. What's good tonight, Thelma?" She goes, "cheesburgers or cheesesteaks like always" and she looks at me and says, "You need something to eat too porn sweetheart?" I shook my head gay xnxx no and said, "No, thank you" and Mike said, "Cheesesteak for me with fried onions and vidio xnxx put some sweet peppers on the side. Fries too." xnxx. She scribbles something on a note pad, winks at Mike, runs her hand over my flattop and says to me, "My husband, God rest his soul, always had that same kind of flattop xnxx desi haircut. Damn, I loved that boy so, but xnxx anime he got himself kilt in Iraq two years ago". With that she took off to service another customer. Mike told me he and Richie come in here and get beers on Friday nights when they have live bands, "Country bands, but they can rock pretty good too". He said he needed to eat dinner out tonight because Mike's site xnxx mother and Richie xnxx porn went with Richie's Dad for maybe their last visit ever to see Richie's very sick grandmother. Mike seemed a little broken-up about it, but his going with them wouldn't help anything, him and Richie being gay and all, and the grandmother not really able to cope with modern concepts, porn xnxx tamil xnxx so best not to confuse the old woman. I was a little confused because why would Mike's mother need to go. As it turns out, Mike's mother and Richie's father met through the boys and fell in love... they're married. "Oh" I said, that cleared it up for me. Our drinks and his food came out and desi xnxx in between mouthfuls of cheesesteak Mike was surprisingly forthcoming about him and Richie. 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I'm interpreting it as a reflection of how secure the relationship is between Mike and Richie... they aren't worried xnxx mom about a little flirting or xnxx app teasing with japanese xnxx another xvideos www.xnxx guy, they know where they stand with each other and are very comfortable about it all. Mike told me that the first time he met Richie he felt this odd reaction, he had this feeling, it nxxn was something different then had ever happened to him before. "It was something about his looks or maybe the way he talked" xnxx porn Mike porno xnxx was looking up in the air when he said that, I guess reliving the moment. He went on, "Richie had just moved xnxx jepang in with his father who lived in this tough part of town. I'd seen porno him around the xnxx download past couple of years, but only in the summer. Even then, there was something about him that made me feel funny. 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Through his little speech I stared at him, he wasn't looking me in xnxx tamil the eyes. I go